Our primary purpose is to engage the taxpaying citizens of North Bay and advocate on their behalf for responsible municipal fiscal management.

About The Association

When comparing tax burdens in North Bay with other municipalities in Ontario, it is evident that there are serious warning signals.  The City needs to adjust its course and spending decisions in order to ensure the municipality is living within its means.  The Association continues to have serious concerns about the taxpayers’ ability to pay.

The Association is committed to playing an effective role with council and senior municipal staff at City Hall to increase the value received for the money spent and to build on best practices that are already in place.  The Taxpayers’ Association is fully prepared to assist council in every way possible to establish the conditions that will attract business and industry, increase employment opportunities, increase individual and family incomes, while maintaining the delivery of quality services but in a more affordable way.

The Taxpayers’ Association embraces volunteers from a diverse background and varying degrees of experience and expertise in business, management and municipal affairs. These volunteers work tirelessly on behalf of the association.

Values & Principles of the North Bay TaxPayers’ Association

Together in Strength and Stability for the community in which we live

Declining Population

North Bay is one of only two cities in Northern Ontario experiencing a population decline according to the Stats Canada 2006-2011 census data.

Highest Taxes

North Bay has the highest combined property tax and water/sewer costs in Northern Ontario and, as a percentage of family income, is also the highest in the north.

Low Family Income

Of the 86 municipalities participating in the 2012 Municipal Study completed by BMA Management Consulting Inc., there are only 13 cities with lower combined family incomes than North Bay.

High Debt

Among all Northern Ontario cities, only Thunder Bay (with double the population of North Bay) has a higher municipal debt than North Bay.

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