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NORTH BAY - Since the last census, North Bay has experienced a decrease in population of 1,500 souls which provides hard evidence of previous provincial forecasts regarding population decline in North Eastern Ontario.

NORTH BAY - The North Bay Taxpayers’ Association has initiated a complaint at the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) concerning the OEB’s policy which allows North Bay Hydro (Hydro) and other provincial electricity suppliers to add a return on equity and deemed interest to customers’ delivery charges.

NORTH BAY - Our complaint concerns the current policy at the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) that allows municipally-owned local distribution companies (LDC’s) to add a return on investment, consisting of a calculated return on equity plus an amount calculated as deemed interest, to delivery rates.

NORTH BAY - The North Bay Taxpayer’s Association (NBTA) has expressed serious concern over the implementation of the Mayor’s plan.

NORTH BAY - The North Bay Taxpayers’ Association is officially accusing North Bay city officials of financial mismanagement that will cost taxpayers millions of dollars over the next twenty years.

NORTH BAY - According to the business dictionary, a plan explained in detail what needs to be done as well as when, how and by whom.

NORTH BAY – According to the Ontario Ministry of Finance, the population decline in North Eastern Ontario is forecast to be 3.7% between now and 2041.

NORTH BAY – The North Bay Taxpayers’ Association is hopeful that the recently-announced City Operational Review will produce recommendations for cost savings and efficiencies that the volunteer group has been urging council to identify since it was formed three years ago.

NORTH BAY - Miles Peters, the new president of the North Bay Taxpayers’ Association, is pleased to announce the new executive for the Association following the Annual General Meeting held on November 17th, 2015.

NORTH BAY - The North Bay Taxpayers’ Association is pledging to step up its campaign to corral municipal spending extravagance as the city’s budget watchdog organization begins its fourth year of activity.

Declining Population

North Bay is one of only two cities in Northern Ontario experiencing a population decline according to the Stats Canada 2006-2011 census data.

Highest Taxes

North Bay has the highest combined property tax and water/sewer costs in Northern Ontario and, as a percentage of family income, is also the highest in the north.

Low Family Income

Of the 86 municipalities participating in the 2012 Municipal Study completed by BMA Management Consulting Inc., there are only 13 cities with lower combined family incomes than North Bay.

High Debt

Among all Northern Ontario cities, only Thunder Bay (with double the population of North Bay) has a higher municipal debt than North Bay.

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