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The North Bay Taxpayers’ Association has a mandate to engage the citizens of North Bay and advocate on their behalf for responsible municipal fiscal management.  Its volunteers are committed to taking on an effective advocacy role with council and senior municipal staff at City Hall to increase the value received for the money spent and to build on best practices that are already in place. NBTA is dedicated to lower taxes and more accountability at City Hall.

Since the NBTA inaugural meeting in December 2012, President, NBTA, and executive have accomplished a number of their initial goals:

  • NBTA was organized to act as a common voice for taxpayers.
  • NBTA was active and vocal during the 2013, 2014 and 2015 budget deliberations.
  • NBTA has raised important financial issues with the Mayor, Council and senior staff.
  • NBTA continues to advocate for fiscal prudence and transparency.

To facilitate communication of the NBTA with interested citizens and businesses in the City of North Bay, it has developed an interactive website, presenting the current issues, reports and presentations, and media releases. Furthermore, the NBTA is preparing to create an information brochure.  It is the hope that the NBTA will host regular public meetings; however, there are associated costs, which will require private funding.

All donations are appreciated and will be used to continue the NBTA’s advocacy efforts to encourage responsible municipal fiscal management in our beautiful city.   The NBTA IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE!   Please help us to fulfill the NBTA vision.

Should you wish to make a donation you may do so electronically via Paypal by using the “Donate” button or you could send us a cheque made payable to NBTA and mailed to the following address:

392 Surrey Drive
North Bay ON P1C 1E3

Donation receipts will be provided; however, we regret it cannot be used for a tax deduction.

Thank you in advance for your support.

President, NBTA

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392 Surrey Drive
North Bay ON P1C 1E3